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The power of a photograph... to capture those moments, those smiles, that beauty that you want to last forever. To turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, to take even the simplest things in life and reveal glimpses of heaven through them... that's what I do... and I love it!

Hi! I'm Deborah Kline. Wife, mom of 2 little ones, musician, teacher, daughter, sister, friend... I love people. I love expressions. I love beauty, even the beauty that most don't see at first. I love using my camera to capture those images, making those moments as amazing and memorable as when they happened... Pictures tell the stories of our lives. And I thrive in meeting new people, hearing their unique stories, discovering their styles, personalities, and moments! Recently a photographer asked the question "Is photography your passion, or do you photograph your passions?" Here was my response:

"I photograph CHILDREN because little hands and little toes grow way too fast.
I photograph PLAYTIME reminding us of that simple yet magical time.
I photograph FAMILIES because there is no greater foundation for the future.

I photograph FRIENDSHIP because a friend chooses to love and care even when they don't have to.
I photograph SENIORS for the joy of discovering who each student is, sharing in their anticipation for the amazing journey ahead.
I photograph WISDOM and FAITHFULNESS – Grandparents who have lived to build strong heritages through loving families.
I photograph FLOWERS and NATURE to capture the creativity and intricacy of our Designer.
I photograph SUNSETS as portals to Heaven.
I photograph RAINBOWS and their promises of hope.
I photograph ARCHITECTURE, the pillars of cultures past that will tell their stories long after we are gone.
I photograph MOMENTS because life is lived in moments, some good, some bad... all integral parts of the story of our lives.
I photograph ‘FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE but the greatest of these is LOVE’... LOVE is what makes life worth living."
~Deborah Kline 3/25/2013

Email me for session details, prints/DVD rates, and availablility at Deborah.Kline@ymail.com

To give back to those who have served us, I give special discounts for those in full time ministry (employed by a Christian organization) and those in the military! Email me for more details!